Costa Rica
Alajuela - West valley
Piedades Sur, San Ramon
Thermic fermentation
1750 masl
Luis Alberto Balladarez

ONE – Drip Bags


The ONE Drip Coffee Bag – Tear and Brew Me Anyplace.

One is our drip bag with a story to tell. We pick a coffee we love plus there’s something a little extra behind it. It may be a purpose behind its production, an organic production, a women only farm or just something that’s freakin amazing on its own.

This version is loaded with Costa Rica – Cordillera De Fuego

After graduating from University Don Luis Eduardo Campos planted his coffee farm in Piedades del Sur, Alajuela. Innovation through processing methods has been fundamental to this farms’ success. The thermic process implemented on this Caturra varietal where the cherries which are partially depulped are exposed to heat creates a super sweet, fruity, round and balanced cup.

Expect notes of Green apple, cardamom and malt.

Tear and brew it anyplace. Home, office, or camping maybe. A mug, some hot water and a drip bag is all you’ll need to recreate that special cup of joy.

Drip instructions:
1: Rip the bag
2: Pull out the wings over the edges of your mug
3: Slowly pour over 225ml of hot water
4: Bang you’re good to go.

Each box contains 10 x Drip Coffee Bags

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